Are you a single parent, or are you single and considering becoming a parent? Join us for this teleconference!

Date: Thursday, March 6th, 2014
Time: 7:30 - 8:30 pm CST
Place: LMI's Teleconference Line (Email for Dial-In Number)

Our discussion will center around the countries open and supportive to singles. We'll talk about parent criteria, and program process. We'll also present some things we'd like you to think about as you decide to build your family, unique to singles.

And of course, there isn't a teleconference without discussing the children available for adoption in these countries :) We will not only detail the typical child available in the programs, but also how the waiting child program works.

Meet Emily and Jabin. In March, 2011, she attended our Teleconference for singles considering adoption. She took that leap of faith and was early on in the paperwork, when she laid eyes on the child who she knew would be her son. In just over a year, life had changed for both Emily and Jabin!!!

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow evening, and help you find your Little Miracle!!

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