Welcome Home from DRC!

Andrea | Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | Links to this post | 0 Comments
It's amazing to welcome Little Miracles home every time.   Yes, after 8 years of working for LMI, this never gets old :).  This family traveled over Thanksgiving to bring their little girl home from the Democratic Republic of Congo!  This adoption was a very smooth process, 18 months exactly from application to meeting.

After settling in, the family met their newest daughter and her foster mother.   I received a text, "She is the sweetest little thing, and is fitting right in!" They were safe, secure, and warm with their newfound love.

The question I've received all week:  Is it safe to adopt from DRC?  We're dealing with a country that is war torn in some areas.  It's heartbreaking, and the impact to the Congolese is enormous.  Here is a link to news today:

Thankfully, there is a retreat.  Our family never felt in danger in Kinshasa -  none have.  The team takes extraordinary care, and LMI parents have been so impressed with the foster care their children receive.

Please join us in welcoming Kendi home.  I had the privilege of receiving her "Bonjour!" on the phone.    Bienvenue à la maison, little one!

Just a reminder that our teleconference is scheduled for tonight, November 8th, at 7:30pm CST.   If you're knee deep in research, planning finances, and looking to start the journey toward your child, this is the teleconference for you! 

We'll discuss finding the right country fit based on your priorities:
1. Age of Child
2. Timeline of overall adoption
3. Travel Process
4. Adopting special needs
5. Financing your adoption (grants, ideas, etc.)

We want families to find the best possible fit, and reaslistic expectations will be discussed.  

It would be a privilege to make 2013 the year you become closer to your child!

email us at to register for tonight's call.

Looking forward to meeting you!

The Little Miracles Team

Welcome Home from Bulgaria!

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Do you ever feel like there is no light at the end of the adoption tunnel?    After three years of waiting, a bright light came into this family's life.   

Nick arrived the weekend of Halloween, and was joyfully inaugurated as an American kid!   His big brother, Alec (the pirate, adopted from Kazakhstan in 2007) dressed him up, and taught him the fine art of candy collecting. 

The adoption process in Bulgaria is very simple.  It's a Hague country, and the central Ministry of Justice accepts paperwork and matches children.   They focus primarily on special needs and school-aged child placement, and work with accredited agencies worldwide.  The tough part of this program?   The LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG wait for a younger child with minimal to no special needs.  

An adoption trip to Bulgaria is short and sweet- the attorneys are with you all the way, the trip is 5 days.    You return home while court occurs, and return several months later for another 5 days to bring your child home. 

One of the best parts of being an adoption coordinator is checking in with families after they return home.   I cannot tell you the joy of hearing the children chatter in the background.    Nick was talking with the family dog while I was on the phone with his Mom :).