January, 26, 2015

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The importance of connection

Throughout adoption, connection is a big theme.  This includes the research phase of your journey. It is important that you feel comfortable picking up the phone or zipping off an email at any time to your program coordinator, and knowing you'll receive a prompt, honest answer to your questions as you make decisions.  

Our Getting Started teleconference on January 27th, 2015 at 7:30pm CST is a chance to connect with agency staff, adoptive parents who have been through the process, and learn about LMI's programs.  

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Petra joins her family
The importance of expectation 

We will hold your hand through each step of your adoption, with regular communication and individual calls.   You'll participate in education tailored to your family helping you prepare: Sibling preparation, meeting your child, older child adoption, travel, transition, and more.  We enjoy an active commitment between our families and our team to join hands  with one another and we are joyful with the understanding that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

We're Home!!
The importance of family

This means three things to us:

1.  Your family finding the right program (country) fit.
2.  Your family with your new child having tools to be successful.
3.  Your ability to experience LMI family mentors along the way - families who have adopted and can help you along your journey.

Our philosophy is one of involving the whole family in the adoption process, from start to finish!