Welcome Home from DRC!

Andrea | Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | Links to this post
It's amazing to welcome Little Miracles home every time.   Yes, after 8 years of working for LMI, this never gets old :).  This family traveled over Thanksgiving to bring their little girl home from the Democratic Republic of Congo!  This adoption was a very smooth process, 18 months exactly from application to meeting.

After settling in, the family met their newest daughter and her foster mother.   I received a text, "She is the sweetest little thing, and is fitting right in!" They were safe, secure, and warm with their newfound love.

The question I've received all week:  Is it safe to adopt from DRC?  We're dealing with a country that is war torn in some areas.  It's heartbreaking, and the impact to the Congolese is enormous.  Here is a link to news today:

Thankfully, there is a retreat.  Our family never felt in danger in Kinshasa -  none have.  The team takes extraordinary care, and LMI parents have been so impressed with the foster care their children receive.

Please join us in welcoming Kendi home.  I had the privilege of receiving her "Bonjour!" on the phone.    Bienvenue à la maison, little one!

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