Dept of State 2013 Annual Report on Intercountry Adoption

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On Friday, March 21st, the US Department of State published its 2013 Annual Report on Intercountry Adoption.   

2013 Report Highlights
·         IA by US citizens decreased by 18% vs. 2012
·         This decrease is largest since the 27% drop in 2009, and the second largest in the past 10 years
·         IA of US born children decreased by 15% vs. 2012
·         The average number of days to complete a Convention adoption was 310 days (from submission of 800a application to visa issuance)
·         For the 8th straight year, DOS has not debarred an accredited agency or person

Also ABC News posted a report to go along with this report:  

Foreign Adoptions by Americans Decline Sharply

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