Little Miracles is pleased and overjoyed to announce that we have received Accreditation in Kazakhstan on May 2, 2012! We will be updating the website and will be taking applications for this program immediately.   Once we receive new details they will be posted on our website.  

All of the rules, fees, parent criteria, child criteria, travel etc. will be changed to Hague compliance. Families can get in the queue with your application. We will be releasing more information as we learn the new protocols and criteria.   Thank you all for your support and most of all patience. This has been a very long couple of years in the making of the Hague transition for Kazakhstan.

This is an honor and privilege to have been chosen by Kazakhstan to begin processing adoptions again.  Although we don't have a start date yet, or know the exact details of the program under the Hague, we feel these details and the start of families through the process will be coming very soon.

Little Miracles has been working in Humanitarian Aid and Placing children from Kazakhstan since 1999,  Three of our Adoption Coordinators that assist our families through the program, have adopted from Kazakhstan.  They bring their own experience to your process to partner with  you throughout your journey.   Nina, Our Russian speaking communication specialist works  daily with Kazakhstan and will prepare you for your travels.

Please join us in our celebration today!  

For more information on the application process please call (806) 351-1100 or write

LMI Adoptive Families in Kazakhstan

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