Adoption Notice: Kazakhstan Adoptions from Kazakhstan to Begin With Approval of U.S. ASPs May 10, 2012 

The Ministry of Education and Science, the Central Authority of Kazakhstan, has confirmed approval of two U.S. accredited adoption service providers (ASPs) to process Hague Convention adoptions from Kazakhstan to the United States.

The ASPs are: Little Miracles and Across the World Adoptions. Approval of ASPs was the final step needed for Kazakhstan to complete its implementation of the Hague Adoption Convention.

Each of the U.S. ASPs approved by the Government of Kazakhstan may begin accepting applications for adoptions under the new procedures on its date of authorization. The U.S. Department of State is pleased to have the opportunity to work with Kazakhstan as a Hague Adoption Convention partner and to complete Convention intercountry adoptions of eligible children from Kazakhstan by qualified adoptive parents in the United States.


Go to:   Little Miracles Interrnational's Kazakhstan program

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