You've made the decision.  You're starting or adding to your family.   You're called or drawn toward international adoption.   Huge decisions made, time to get going!   Oh, except you then realize that there are a LOT of countries to adopt from, and they all have different criteria, timelines, children available.........arrrrrrrgggggg.......more decisions.

That's where teleconferences and talking with adoption experts come in :).    Based on your family, your priorities, your ability to travel, we can help you narrow down the countries that work best for you.   While doing this, you can ask questions - none too small.

Tomorrow, Thursday, 9/29/14 is our ever popular How Do I Start My Adoption?   teleconference.   Do you see the photos we post of children home on our facebook page?    They nearly all started with this conference! 

Date:  Thursday, 5/29/14
Time:  12:30pm CST
Dial-in:  Please email

If you'd like to look through our info, please fill out this link:

We're excited to meet you tomorrow, answer questions, and start you toward your child! 

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