Planning to adopt in 2013? Join our teleconference! On Wednesday, January 9th, 7:30 pm CST, you can dial-in from the comfort of home, and learn about: 

1. Age of children available for adoption in each country - where can you adopt a baby, toddler, older child, or sibling set? 

2. How children are referred to families from the different countries?   Each has its own process!

3.  What's the current timeline for each country?   It fluctuates, of course, and we update you along the way.  We can go by what we see today (as adoptive parents, we really do understand and wish we had a crystal ball for you :).

4.  Are there programs you can rule in/out based on parent criteria?
5.  How do we manage travel required, especially if it's a program that's perfect for us?

6.  How can we plan for finances for a 2013 adoption?

Ten years ago, my husband and I started on our first adoption journey....the research was so overwhelming!  This teleconference is designed to help you prioritize, and get going toward your child.    

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