Call to Action: Hurtful Advertising Using Adoption, Sony Playstation

Little Miracles International | Wednesday, October 27, 2010 | Links to this post
Have any of you seen the Playstation commercial (during football games) where a man spouts out "You're adopted!" as an insult to the person playing against, to throw them off their game? If you can spare a minute, email Playstation’s PR division and let them know what you think of it.

Unfortunately as big sports fans in our home, our 16 year old daughter saw it and commented very unfavorably to her adopted status in this poor advertisement. Why in these days of social tolerance is it ok to poke fun at adoptees by making them seem less on the social hierchy?  Shame on you Sony Playstation!! 

They show a woman being good at something counter-stereotypical: sports and video games.  On the less than pleasant note, the family does all they can to distract her from winning the game, including a man obviously meant to be playing the role of her father, growling at her:

"You're adopted!"


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  1. Here is the PlayStation blog touting their rave reviews of this! Unbelievable!

  2. That really is unreal.

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