Orphanage Sponsorship in Northern Uganda

Little Miracles International | Saturday, September 18, 2010 | Links to this post
Sometimes when we go out into the field to meet the orphans in their environments we struggle with why the situation is so dire. There are some situations we cannot walk away from.  This is how we found Northern Uganda and the orphans in care there. Our hearts were changed forever from our experience there and I hope you will be changed too when you learn about the children.

You can read about the children of the Acholi Tribe on our blog.

Dream of a Child, the humanitarian blog and special projects blog of Little Miracles International,  is in desperate need for orphanage sponsors for an unsponsored orphanage in Northern Uganda.    These children are war-affected, and many are AIDS orphans. They were in starvation when we found them.  They are in extreme medical need.   

Please pledge with us to change their world, one sponsor at a time.

Please consider sponsoring our Acholi Orphanage today!

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